The International 2019 Promotion

Dear users, The International 2019 is about to begin! In honor of this event, we are launching not one, or even two, but three events at a time. Each promotion will draw 10 dollars daily, which you can withdraw at any time by any available withdraw option.

Every day, the best users will win in three different promotions ,that are: Betting, Investing and Express. At the end of each day, throughout The International 2019, the user who has the most points in the rating table of the promotion will win our small prize (if there are two or more people with the same number of points or income in the rating table, one will be chosen randomly). One person can be a winner in several promotions at once.

Now a few details about each of the promotion and how to take part in it:
1) To participate and win in Bets promotion, all you have to do is bet and win. All users of our service who make bets automatically participate in the promotion. A bit more information about the rating points and how to earn them. When calculating the rating, only bets starting at 1 Betcoin are involved. For each bet you win, you get 100 points, and if you lose, it is deducted by 125. As a result of these simple calculations, your final daily rating is calculated. You can see the current status of the rating and the general status of the rating table on the main page of the website.
2) To participate in Investment promotion, you need to make investments that are beneficial for you in any managers represented on our website in the appropriate Investment section (link). The winner will be selected on the basis of income for the past day, the one who earned more will win. You can also see the current rating on the main page.
3) To participate in Express promotion, you need to win more than others in a day using this particular function. The rating table is still there, on the main page, next to the above mentioned ratings for two other promotions.

The data in the rating tables is updated once an hour.

Good luck and victories to all!