Update 1.0.13

Dear users, today we are pleased to announce a new update that all of you have been waiting for so long that some of you could even forget about it. In this update, we are returning the ability to bet skins. And yes, now you can deposit skins, bet with them and then withdraw back to your Steam account.

Now a few details:
1. Depositing skins will initially not be available to all users and priority will be distributed according to user activity in bets, this is due to an insufficient number of bots.
2. In connection with the 7-day trade block of skins from the Steam side, your items also cannot be withdrawn during these 7 days from our website, which is logical.
3. You may be given winnings with skins that still have an unexpired 7-day trade block.
4. Items have a 10-day safety guarantee, which is updated when used in bets.
5. If the bot which holds your skin will be located and blocked by Steam, the item will be automatically exchanged for Betcoins with the the price that was at the moment of exchange.
Of course, there were other corrections in this update, for example, in the work of our Market, but they are not so significant and we will not go into details.

We are very grateful to you that you are with us and support our project!

Gone to do new updates :), Bets4.pro Administration team