PGL Major Stockholm 2021 Promotion

Dear users, today we are pleased to announce another promotion for the upcoming CS: GO | PGL Major Stockholm 2021.

1. Every day in our group in VK we will raffle off a Gift code for 10 dollars among all those who repost a post in VK with this promotion.

2. Every day, for all users of our site who have made at least one bet on a specific calendar day, a one-time Gift code for 1 dollar will be displayed at a random time on the main page. Each code can be used once, so you need to be the fastest. Every day from 10 to 15 such codes will be displayed.

3. From the beginning of the major to its end, there will be a battle for the best forecaster on the site. The first three places, at the end of the promotion, will receive prizes of 200, 100 and 50, dollars respectively, to their places. When calculating the rating, only live bets are involved in the amount of 1 dollar and higher (taking into account the value of the skins placed) and a coefficient of x2 or higher. For every bet you win, you are awarded 100 points multiplied by the bet odds, and if you lose, 125 divided by the odds are deducted. As a result of these simple calculations, your final rating is calculated. You can see the current status of the rating and the general status of the rating table on the main page of the site.

The promotion will run from Sat 23 Oct. 2021 to Sun 7 Nov 2021

Best regards, administration