Update 1.0.3

Hello, dear users. Today we will talk about the changes that have been made in the last 17 minor updates that have upgraded the project version to 1.0.3 and a major new feature.

1. About 60 revisions and additions were made to the appearance of the project, according to the comments made by our users after the design update.
2. Changed the minimum commission when withdrawing through Yandex Money, now it is only 1% and through BitCoin - 2%. Also now your bets have a greater effect on improving the commission. You can read more about commissions here https://bets4.pro/ru/help/#commission
3. A new function "Market" was made, this function will impact many of your wishes. First, now you can use not only Dota 2 skins, but also skins from the CS:GO. Secondly, this is a solution to the issues of commissions and prices for items you complained about, now you can sell your item at the price dictated by the market and buy items profitably, since we charge only 1% - which is one of the smallest commissions among other popular websites with similar functionality.
You have written many times to us about the large commissions of our system. And indeed for a while, after the introduction of the new Steam policy, we did not have the best conditions on the market, but now we have one of the best commissions among all the popular gambling stocks and bookmakers.

Finally, we want to report on the promotion - all deposits through the QIWI system is going to be at no charge (zero commission) from 14/02/2019 to 15/02/2019.

After the last update, many users wrote their edits and suggestions, we are very grateful for your help in developing of the project! We have implemented a lot of your suggestions. Many of them are still in development and we will try to make them as soon as possible (don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten them).

Bets4.pro Administration